Nonprofit Management

We help nonprofits improve their performance and accountability.  Services include assisting organizations apply for the Standards of Excellence nonprofit certification, develop best practices in measuring outcomes, fundraising plans, and more.


Political Strategy for LGBTQ Candidates

We help LGBTQ candidates develop a successful campaign plan.  As the first openly LGBTQ elected official in Alabama Patricia shares her experience in running three successful campaigns for the Alabama Legislature.


Continuing Education

We provide continuing education for staff on topics including:


Hidden Rules of Class

Developing an Advocacy Plan

Housing First Model

Outcome Measures

About patricia


My Background

I grew up in Richmond, Ky and realize that discrimination is all around us.  I joined NOW in the fight for the ERA.  I realized that I wanted to be a change agent.  I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Major in General Studies.  I was recruited to work in the national NOW office where I learned about grassroots organizing.  After moving from DC to Alabama, I learned so much about my white privilege and wanted to make a change.  In 2006 I decided to run for the Alabama House of Represenative as the first only LGBTQ candidate.  I served 12 years in the Alabama House.  My main focus as a legislator was to be a voice for marginalized communities.  I advocated for LBGTQ non-discrimination, de-criminalization of marijuana, raise the minimum wage, affordable housing, and transparency in state government.